Something really scary happened Yesterday…

When we last spoke I had just finished the surf City Marathon and was ready for an epic very bowl feast! But, before I unwinded I knew I ought to take an ice bath – and that’s where someone very scary happened (and not just because the idea of me taking a bath is scary).

Straight from the race I hit up Ralphs smelling like a disgusting mess for ice and those Tostitos Rolls chips I’ve been waiting all week to eat.
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I didn’t even get that much ice – in the past when Ben has purchased me ice for a bath he purchases two of those bags (because part of him liked to torture me).

Qualquer maneira. I put the ice in the tub, filled it with cold water and set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes. Then, I got in and certainly gasped because it’s wildly unpleasant.

The water wasn’t high enough to go all the way over my legs so it really felt concentrated and painful on my ankles for some reason.

Suddenly I started to feel nauseous and dizzy – like I was going to pass out. because I was home alone I chose I shouldn’t wait and see if I pass out in a bathtub of water and got out. I laid on my bed for a few minutes until I felt better and then just took a hot shower and called the ice bath cancelled.

Mas o que diabos?! That’s so strange because I’ve taken ice baths before. Not sure why that happened, but yeah. I practically died and what really pisses me off is I could have died before eating the Tostitos rolls which would have been the real disaster of the day.

Luckily, I survived and went to my parent’s house for a feast.

Note: no one was home when I got there, so I literally made all this food solo and ate many of it solo too.

Since many of the food was gone when my brother got there I heated up some teriyaki meatballs too. Estes são muuuuito bons!

Also, there was a lot of cereal consumed.

Question: What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

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