Ben and I absolutely felt like snowbirds this weekend. We went to Florida for a day and a half and came back to this! This is the first time my little automobile has ever felt snow. I felt bad that I left her out in the cold weather this weekend ?

We didn’t have an ice scraper, so Ben had to use his arm!
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Ao vivo

After a very rainy Saturday, this morning looked like it was going to be gorgeous! We were very sad to leave so soon.

I even took a picture with Santa Claus at the art show. Feliz Natal!!!

The weekend went Camisola Sevilla FC by way too fast, but we had a terrific time checking out with Ben’s fam.

I peed in a porta-potty – but made sure to knock first.

Because of this very professional sign:

Last night we made cookies and I ate way too many. What is it about freshly baked cookies that makes them like crack? I always eat a ton of batter plus a ton of cookies. Droga.

We doubled the batch too!

This morning Camisola Watford FC we woke up early considering that our flight left at noon. We wanted to get in some extra time hanging out with everyone. I made some oatmeal and we headed out.

I also tried this new juice – cranberry with energy. It was good, but I didn’t really feel much a lot more energized. Camisola ACF Fiorentina

On the way to the airport we drove through DD. I also had a bite of Ben’s breakfast sandwich. It wasn’t anything great.

I brought a shiny red apple and a handful of pretzels for the plane ride.

I was sad to leave Florida ?

When we got to MD I was shocked to see this – SNOW! I heard on the news it was snowing, but I guess I didn’t want to believe it?

It was around 3 by the time we got home. Eu estava com fome! I swiftly made a veggie burger, chips and hummus w/ carrots for lunch. I also stole a bite of Ben’s pizza.

Then, Ben and I put on a ton of clothes and took a long walk. It was so great to step around even though it was cold!!!

Now I am eating cereal and blogging. We stayed up late the past two nights, so it’s nearly bed time for me!

Hope you people had a terrific weekend too ? See ya tomorrow morning!


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