I got a Covid-19 test video of My Experience

Hi! Here’s a quick video of my experience taking the Covid-19 test as well as Ben’s experience taking the Covid-19 fast Test. I’m not a doctor, therapist or paleontologist. This is not medical recommendations or info, just a quick handle what it appears like as well as exactly how it feels.

Taking the Covid19 test as well as fast test Video:

Getting a Coronavirus test – exactly how it works, what it feels like, my experience as well as more. I got the standard test as well as Ben got the Covid-19 fast test.

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Ben lives in FL as well as just recently came back to CA for work. He was extremely cautious during travel however did take a cross-country flight the week before he started to feel sick.

He started to feel sick, generally worn out as well as sore (or body aches). provided the present break out of Covid-19 & his recent travels we had to treat it like he may have been infected with the virus.

I spoke to a good friend that is a nurse professional as well as has worked at a Covid-19 testing center in Orange region about Ben’s symptoms. She voted to act like he had it as well as quarantine up until we might get a test to verify otherwise.

I personally believed it was just extreme jet-lag since he altered time zones as well as was working long hours as soon as he got to CA. as well as we were taking a great deal of walks with Diego to ensure that might describe the soreness. however again, we had to err on the side of caution since it was the ideal thing to do.

I didn’t feel ill or have a fever. Ben did have a extremely minor fever as well as tracked it in a spreadsheet several times a day for a few days as we waited for the test to track if it was getting worse – it didn’t.

It was difficult to get a test! The day he started to feel ill it was early in the morning as well as I spent a lot of of the day trying to find a regional testing site that had open appointments. There were NO visits for that day. I lastly discovered ONE visit for the next day.

He got the fast test. It took 20 minutes. It expense just under $200 out of pocket. [His results – Negative]

I got the common test the next day (at one more place – these were the soonest appts I might find). I wasn’t enabled to get the fast test since my health and wellness insurance coverage didn’t cover it as well as I couldn’t pay for it out of pocket. The results took nearly a whole week to find back. [My results – Negative]

I don’t believe they stick the q-tip up your nose extremely far or hard. It didn’t hurt or make my eyes water.

Overall – The test was quick as well as painless. however discovering a test as well as getting an visit was NOT easy. as well as I had to wait a week for the results(it was estimated between 3-5 days). I’ve heard it’s taking even longer than that in lots of locations now.

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