Cookie exchange party

Last night I went to a cookie exchange hosted by my pal Pam. We met at a blogger meet up this summer and is the best! She lives in the nicest house I’ve ever seen and had it decorated up beautifully!

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Ao vivo

Since Pam lives an hour away I carpooled with these girls. I spent the whole 67 minutes in the automobile trying to convince them to be my best pals and exchange BFF necklaces. I know exactly how long the ride was because SR said it was the longest 67 minutes of her life.

We all brought cookies, but Pam had a whole spread of food out too.

She had a special punch that I loved. I think there’s Gatorade and 151 in it? I can’t confirm that.

Here’s round one:

The girls: Chacha, Heather and skinny Runner 

Pam and I

After food time it was COOKIE TIME!!!

I made those crappy chocolate cookies Camisola Portuguesa with cake mix. Sorry everyone.

Surprisingly, Skinner Runner made amazing PB cup cookies. now I want to know how she stays so skinny with those baking skills!!!

Heather made Pumpkin spice cookies with brown butter icing. I ate 3. Yeah, 3 with a zero on the end…

Oh não! I just realized I forgot my cup at Pam’s!

Cookie parties are about eating cookies.

lots of cookes.

Besides carb loading, what to runners do at parties?

Talk about running!

We moved the party to the family room and viewed Spirit of the Marathon (with a funny running commentary.)

Watching this film never gets old. Eu amo isso

Finally I had to head home to the slums. I’m delighted I carpooled because it was a long dark drive! plus SR took care of the tolls Thanks!

Question: how numerous cookies have you eaten in this year?

Envie -me a pasta de trabalho

Salve 

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